Re: virus: Religion

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 27 May 1997 06:10:10 +0100

In message <l03010d03afaf0e8ec1dc@[]>, "John \"Brand New
-- You're Retro\" Williams" <> writes
> Last UM
>conference alone there were at least three amendments to the Book of
>Discipline that were proposed that would have allowed "praciticing
>homosexuals" to be ordained ministers; and at least three that were
>proposed that would have strengthened the Church's position against
>homosexuals. (Both were voted down.)

In Order for christianity to survive it must adapt to the
changing global culture otherwise it will become extinct. You version of
christianity can obviously survive in a reasonably rational mind
(your's). Its begnine but beware backward mutation. Good luck with it.
I still say its a self imposed thought prison you dont need.

Tony Hindle.