virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 27 May 1997 05:39:23 +0100

Sorry if this makes me Mr. slow wit but I have just realised
that considering the tabbaco industry as a mind virus is a valid insight
generating perspective.
Here in britain the govt are introducing a bill to ban tabacco
advertising and sponshorship. The idea is to ultimately eliminate the
tobacco industry. The spokesman for tobacco inc. says
"sports will suffer"
And there ends the dabate. Why doesnt someone say
"so fucking what you murdering cunt. Viewers, if any of you at
home are dying of cancer...I know where this man lives."

I wander about these people who 's job it is to memetically
engineer our culture so that 120 000 britains per year dying isnt enough
to deter the new smokers to replace them. Do they ever calculate how
much they earn per life lost? If the killing was more direct would they
still take the job?
"Ok the job involves sitting at a people conveyor belt and
shooting each one in the head, its 25 pence for every person you kill,
do you have any questions?"
...Yes is smoking allowed on the production line?

[pause to light up]

I reckon there has to be regulation against advertising. Left to
it's own ends its just a matter of time before niche markets will
develope for every subculture.

Sutcliff Claw hammers, for those extra thick skulls

Have you heard what Ted Bundy has to say about our strangu-quick rope.

Did you know the pH of our carbon monoxide is balanced?

Then as in all things once the market dynamics were
evaluated it would only be a matter of time before the advertisers would
be creating new markets.

At DFS this week its 50 percent off our range of delux centrally
heated leather luxury coffins.

Hey, why not kill yourself in DFS? our special all in one
package allows you to save another 50 per cent on funeral expenses.

Have some people been irritating you lately? would you like to
murder them but are worried about legal complications? perhaps you have
a few morals you need re-engineering, then DFS conglomeration's total
package is a must for you.

Some people say it would be good for the economy and the markets
would self regulate. Well then you have to remove all restrictions.

"Are you dying of Lung Cancer? Only got months to go? Do you
want to do something to benefit humanity, so that you can go to heaven
when you die? Why not murder a spokesman for tabacco inc. Our special
financial deal which includes an alibi and expert legal defense,
guarantees to keep you out of prison for at least a year. You murder
today and live the rest of your life as a media celebrity.
This advert was placed by the cancer prevention trust, if you
would like to contribute please do. Offer subject to availability of
pro-smoking ad. P.R. consultants.

Tony Hindle.