virus: Spread the Good Stuff Around (Publicize Good Places)

Wright, James 7929 (
Fri, 30 May 97 13:10:00 EDT

Two different messages on two different lists, today, one here from Robin
listing a site she found useful, another where I did the same for another
list. Methinks maybe we should push a meme here:

When you find a really good or interesting site, don't just bookmark it;
send a copy to the list, with WHY you found it interesting. (if the
message doesn't convey it clearly).

Even with search engines, it can be a task for an individual to run
across some of these places (I'd never heard of Robin's before it was
mentioned). The other problem: "Namby-Pamby Search Engine has 8,000 hits
on the word(s) listed, here are the first 10:". Who has the time /
interest to roll through 8,000 hits?

If each person on the list sends ONE (not to make it overloading) every
week, then we can cover a lot of territory in a fairly short time. And,
chances are, if it's interesting to you, it's quite possibly of use to
various others on the list.
Comments? Alternatives? Character assassinations? Please advise!<VBG!>