Re: virus: Spread the Good Stuff Around (Publicize Good Places)

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 30 May 1997 23:02:31 -0500

Wright, James 7929 wrote:
> When you find a really good or interesting site, don't just bookmark it;
> send a copy to the list, with WHY you found it interesting. (if the
> message doesn't convey it clearly).
> If each person on the list sends ONE (not to make it overloading) every
> week, then we can cover a lot of territory in a fairly short time. And,
> chances are, if it's interesting to you, it's quite possibly of use to
> various others on the list.
> Comments? Alternatives? Character assassinations? Please advise!<VBG!>
> james

Ahh, the choices... my bookmark file contains 200+ locations.

The Fray. Struggles with personal issues. New articles every week.
Reader feedback after every article. "deep" issues. Archives of all
previous topics. *highly recommended*

I'm not sure this "one per person per week" deal won't overwelm me... If
your sites are anything like the ones I'm going to recommend, it would
take all week just to _sample_ the sites. You could spend a week at the
fray and only cover one of the four areas.


"A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to."
-- Granville Hicks (1901-1982)