Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 30 May 1997 23:01:34 -0500

Gifford, Nate F wrote:

> A friend of mine has pointed out that the tobacco companies really ought to
> play political hardball. They should simply say "Oh Well ... we're not
> making any more cigarettes until the U.S. Govt. gets off our case." You
> would see MAJOR political change in less than a week. It would certainly
> be a wonderfully calculated risk since its not clear to me how many smokers
> would stay clean until the lines started up again. It would also be a
> wonderful experiment to document the effect of a dedicated minority on
> public opinion in a democracy. I believe the number of smoker's in America
> is equivalent to the number of African Americans. This tactic would make
> the Civil Rights movement of the early sixties look like a high school
> student council campaign.

This would make news, that's for sure! But I think it is altogether to
risky for the companies to try... not only would they lose a weeks'
worth of sales and aggrivate all of their customers, but there is a good
chance many of them would take the "enforced" opportunity to quit cold
turkey. So while yes the potential benifit is huge (just think: NO
controls) the risk is /collosal/ No way it will happen.

BTW, thanks for the rest of the well written post as well


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