Re: virus: How many levels are there ?

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 30 May 1997 23:02:33 -0500

Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
> >I wasn't talking about the math (although I thought there were only
> >five?) Having now looked it up, I was talking about deductive agruments.
> >1) law of non-contradiction NOT(p and NOTp)
> > no proposition can be both true and false
> Wait a minute. This depends on your SYSTEM !
> Look at it this way : if there's time and space in your system, then
> you can have 1. p at some location AND NOT p at another location
> OR 2. p at some time AND NOT p at some other time (you'll say
> it's not simultaneous, but hey even time is relative/subjective).

Having looked at the book /again/ it appears I missed "at the same time"

blah blah blah... this topic isn't going anywhere anyway, right?

> >> Extremely interesting stuff to which I replied as well.
> >
> >Where?
> To the list I hope (don't tell me it hasn't been delivered, you know that
> thingie about a perfect void being itself a force, etc...). It sounds
> like what I've seen in buddhist metaphysics. Only I didn't read this
> stuff to reach these conclusions.

I haven't seen it... could be I deleted it by mistake. Anybody got it?
If so resend it. If not, well looks like you'll have to retype. (unless
you've got a saved mail thingy, like me)


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