Re: virus: How many levels are there ?

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 31 May 1997 14:05:24 +0200

>I haven't seen it... could be I deleted it by mistake. Anybody got it?
>If so resend it. If not, well looks like you'll have to retype. (unless
>you've got a saved mail thingy, like me)

Really strange, it's not in my out box either.

It was just a reply about your rippled view:

Your outer ripple is a perfect void in my worldview, with that
void being a type of force as we understand it in physics.

First the void, then the energy-mass. And the non-void "encapsulates"
the void to create an information quantum.

Now, the void has no notion of separation or partition of itself
(since there is no space nor time in it), so in effect it's linked
to itself no matter what matter says or thinks or does. Pretty
cynical don't you think ?