Re: virus: Dilbert and TV

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 31 May 1997 14:17:07 +0200

> Another reason
>is that I'd really like to test out this "level 3" idea of actually
>containing <B>BOTH</B> viewpoint with respect to God... What I see is
>running a kind of "level 2" shell of my (hopefully) level 3 brain. This
>level 2 shell would beleive in God... what scares me is how /dangerous/
>this could be. I'm actually contimplating deliberatly splitting my
>consciousness into parts. Damn I sure hope I'm capable of this...

After a meta-transition system, you understand that there's one answer that's
probably more probable (oh dear, can I say that ?). And in fact it's
all in the interpretation (half-full or half-empty glass).

Creationists :"It's all created !"
Scientists :"No it's not !"

Scientists :"It's not created !"
Creationists :"Yes it is !"

Creationists :"God did it !"
Scientists :"No, the system did it itself !"

Creationists :"There's a will behind it !"
Scientists :"No, it's scientific !"

Scientists :"In the beginning there's a void and this void is unstable
with respect to the production of energy and matter, and so there
is spontaneous creation " (The Arrow of Time - Coveney,
Creationists : "Not true, God created all things spontaneously by the Power of
His Will"

Scientists : "I'm right !"
Creationists : "I'm right !"