Re: virus: How many levels are there ?

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 31 May 1996 21:43:15 -0500

Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
> Your outer ripple is a perfect void in my worldview, with that
> void being a type of force as we understand it in physics.
> First the void, then the energy-mass. And the non-void "encapsulates"
> the void to create an information quantum.
> Now, the void has no notion of separation or partition of itself
> (since there is no space nor time in it), so in effect it's linked
> to itself no matter what matter says or thinks or does. Pretty
> cynical don't you think ?

I'm not sure I quite understand here. The void part is fine, but what
do you mean by "information quantum" Is that the universe (all matter
and energy) or just the smallest peice of it (ie a quantum)?

Am I right in thinking that this doesn't really fit into my ripples very
well? Without time, one of the best parts is gone.

Anyway, this is just a post to say: "I'm almost completly clueless about
what you said there, could you maybe bring that stuff back down to level
one so I can understand?"


"The universe is not indifferent to intelligence, it is actively
hostile to it."