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Chitren Nursinghdass (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 19:41:26 +0200

>> Yeh, I think so. And... I suspect that it's to do with reasoning being a
>> competition between neurally coded ideas. IE, two ideas competing for
>> expression, putting each other down. In those conditions, I can imagine
>> things developing so that activating one ideaa really leathers expression of
>> the other. I've gone on record a few times saying that logic's a bit of a
>> heavy-handed system in terms of discussing "real-world" instances of issues,
>> and I've always wondered if we have this bipolar logical system because of
>> the cognitively competitive way our brains/minds work...?

Read Calvin for that : variation-selection at the coded representation
level in the cerebral cortex.

>> I think that I am a reorganisation of some of the world. I am a patterning
>> of part of the universe. That pattern is the result of an evolutionary
>> process, which has selected for patterns which preserve themselves, and
>> which /appear to/ replicate themselves (it's actually the Whole System being
>> autocatalytic, from what I can see).

Or auto-generating or self-referential.

>> "As soon as something gets into the business of self-preservation,
>> boundaries become important, for if you are setting out to preserve
>> yourself, you don't want to squander effort trying to preserve the whole
>> world: you draw the line."

Well think about it : if the world goes, you go too.

>Gene's over meme's, eh?

Fortunately, by the Meta-transition theory, one knows that memes are a higher
form of control. Have this meme :

You can reprogram yourself.

That's why suicides can be on the rise even though they're not genetically

Memes are a higher form of control in the Man system.

Which is why we can alter our genes in the lab.

But then again cannot you alter your memeset as well ?

Meta-consciousness is a higher form of control over consciousness.

And so on.

>I would contend that this illusion of seperation is now causing much
>more damage than it is confering in advantages. Who would pollute if
>they recgonized that the Earth is really a part of them? I sense
>something comming together here in my meme sphere again... desire...
>another big post comming up!

By superstrings theory, there is no separation. It's all linked.
Buddhists have known this all along, and egyptians as well and others...

Others are finding out now.