Re: virus: Zen

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 00:15:31 -0500

Dave Pape wrote:

> Weeeellllll... In that I'm acting as though I'm separate, I suppose the
> "me-as-separate" meme must be defeating the "me-as-reorganised-part-of"
> meme... so I guess I'd argue for this being a case of genetic biasing of
> memes...

One thing I am seeing more and more is that the language we use in
biased against us. Just look at that last sentence. How often did "I"
use a pronoun? "Is" there a way around?

(thing is, the longer we continue here the more words are becomeing
"quoatationed" because they are misleading. Really, I think that
memetics is all about the understaning that /every/ word is
"mis"leading. They all make assumptions. Hidden memes. And right now
we cannot comminucate without them.)