Re: virus: Desire. Subject/Object duality. Life.

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 00:15:38 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:
> One of my favorite Zen koans:
> A Zen master is in his hut meditating one afternoon when he hears
> several students outside arguing about Objectivity vs. Subjectivity. One
> student makes wonderful points about the how experience is subjective and
> that, in truth, both he and a stick lying on the ground are the same
> thing. Such distinctions, he musters, are only in the mind.
> On hearing this the Master comes storming out of the hut, picks up
> the stick and, with a mighty blow, cracks the student over the head with
> it. Befuddled, the student plaintively asks the master why he has struck
> him so.
> "I did not," he replies, "it was only in your mind."

This is good... points out the /need/ to accept the world, even if it
/is/ just an illusion. It is all we have.

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