Re: virus: Zen

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Thu, 05 Jun 1997 14:40:44 +0000

>Why don't you go become a Christain, then? They promise immorality of
>the soul. All you have to do is sacrifice you life here on Earth in
>worship of their God! What a great deal!

They autocontradict. That's why.

They say "God created everything". And then they fight with scientists,
which in their system are creatures of God as well.

They say "I follow God and do his will" and if you say
"Then why do you worship an Idol as He says specifically NOT TO in your holy
BBL ?"
they say "Hope you burn in hell forever for your Blasphemy !"

They say "I do the will of the lord" and if you say
"Then why do you go to church each sunday to pray whereas Jesus said "Don't
go to
synagogues just pray in your room with purity in your heart" "
They say "Because he didn't say church, he said Sinagogue".

Immorality ?

I'd like Immortality.

Do you really think if who they're waiting for comes they will
recognize him ? I don't think so. Their own BBL tells them that at the
end times, either the Tower of BBL or the city of BBLN is destroyed
for a new beginning.

Now, what do you think they'll call somebody who comes to destroy
their BBL (book, table, church) constructed on seven hills ?
Their saviour or their anti-saviour ?

Why do you think they confuse Anti and Ante ? Opposer with the one
who precedes ? Because in hebrew, you don't write the vowels.

And Because they don't EVOLve. They're stuck in their DOGMA !

If they really beleive in their god, then they should believe
in EVOLUTION, it's here for all to see. But they say "No, it was
ALL created by god". Hence evolution as well in their logical system.
Then why do they keep fighting with scientists ?

Why do you think the words converge so well today as well ?

Because it's all numbers, it's like this :



To each his own.

I don't like autocontradiction.

Problem is the scientists fight back : "Your system depends on faith !"

Erm, so what's the Incompleteness theorem if not some kind
of "belief" in the validity (spatio-temporally localized or not) of axioms ?

Only by joining these memesets into a larger one can we begin to make
new light of this. I love wordplay (must be great number-crunching behind it all
dare I say).

In evolution there is horizontal as well as vertical hierarchy.