Re: virus: Level 3 and more on Autocatalytic sets.

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Thu, 05 Jun 1997 13:55:06 +0000

Hi Dave,

it's really a pleasure exchanging memes with you.

>>Yep, it you want real analogy, it's like culture when a stranger or group
>>of strangers come to a land. there's an exchange of memes, and hence
>>a new, vaster culture emerges. Memesets are like memes.
>Ha: and memes like memesets. This is my memetics argument for "be tolerant
>and nice towards people of other cultures" views... that declining to put
>people down because of their geogrphical point of origin leads to more
>parallelism in terms of global memetic processing, which leads to a more
>"imaginative" species.

Big memesets like small memeset that are like the big memeset. Sounds like
the love meme, no ?

And in fact "that are like" could be just the same as "like/love"

>...But the mass extinction still happened. The big cataclism still occured,
>which is what I was referring to regarding the discussion about paradigm
>shifts. I think (sorry if I'm misled here) you were saying that scientific
>memetic development would benefit fromm looking more like genetic evolution.

Yes I think you're right, if the way memes work resemble the way genes work
(in some areas) then what can be detrimental to genes in their workings, can
be expected to be detrimental to memes and their workings.

It's a vast concept which we compact in language when we say "history repeats
itself". Or "try not to repeat the past mistakes".

Apparently then that's what I see : with time you get different forms of control
(I won't use the word higher here because of the connotations). But there
are symbiotic links as well (a vertical hierarchy). But when the newer form
understands how the older form has prevailed, then the newer form can act the
same and hence maybe find more efficient ways than the older forms for
replication. This certainly sounds scary to my body itself. But it makes sense
in my memeset. Then there's a kind of takeover. And if that's how it works,
then that's how it will be.

Then if the older form of control is no more in control, then you can use the
word "higher" in the sense that there seem to be more units of the newer form
than the lower form.

Incidentally, on numbers alone, you could say that insects are better or
or virii.

What !? Did I say Virii ?

Aha, reminds me on Virii of the mind.

In effect, mind will be so "infected" it will die.
But a death is only a transition to some other form.

A fusion of memesets ?

We're nearly there I think.