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Thu, 05 Jun 1997 23:20:34 -0400

At 12:16 AM 6/6/96 -0500, Eric wrote:
>John ''!Boolean'' Williams wrote:

>Is there anyway I could get my hands on this document you quote?

It should not be difficult. may have a copy[1]; otherwise, walk
into a large Methodist church and say, "I'd like to order a copy of the..."

No, wait, yours might be different, since you're Canadian[2]. I don't know
for sure.

In any case, the Book of Discipline is a fairly large book, not a document.
However, the "Social Principals" are explained and condensed in a pamphlet,
if you want to see that. The BoD contains not only the social principals,
but the operating instructions for the church -- how to vote, what
comittees exist, and so forth.

>Ummm... I've said this before, but I'll say it again since you seem
>really hurt. The above was a peice of sarcasm which I thought was

Poink! That's what smileys are for, you dope! Now, if you had said that and
stuck a " :-) " after it, I'd've known you were joking around and wouldn't
have jumped your shit.

Sheesh! I *know* you can speak more clearly than Grant! :-)

>I deliberatly misrepresented the Christian position in an
>(obviously misguided) attempt to poke humour at it. See, I've been
>reading the Bible and all these Christian meme's are running around in
>my head. In an attempt to make sure they don't totally take over, I'm
>exagerating and distorting the memes. I don't think it's working
>anyway. Too much exposure!

Okay, yeah, I know that feeling. :-)

Look, see, I've listend to a lot of truely dismissive crap about
Christianty -- said alot of it, too -- and it's a little more difficult for
me recognize jokes in that context unless I can see your face. Sorry to
have lept on you, though; I should have known better....

John "Going on a brief vacation" Williams

PS: There will be silence from me until Monday. I am going out-of-town for
a while, to the big city, where I will probably be promptly mugged and

Nice knowing ya'll.


[1] The 1992 edition (now outdated) is listed on as:
Unknown Binding, 782 pages
Published by United Methodist Pub. House
Dimensions: 24 cm.
ISBN: 0687036895

The 1996 edition is not listed, but its ISBN is: around here somewhere.
I'll get back to you on Monday. If I'm alive.

[2] A english prof once explained about fairies (the winged kind). He said
that during the middle ages, they didn't think of them as having wings;
they were magical, but they looked like normal human beings. To look at
them, you didn't know they weren't real people. "In that respect," he said,
"they're kind of like Canadians."

I should point out that I did not like this instructor, and he's the only
English Prof who ever gave me a "C." :-)

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