virus: Words and sentence structure

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 13:45:18 +0000

>> There is all the difference in the world between formal
>> and natural languages. But this isn't the place to
>> pursue the issue, as it has zilch to do with memetics.
>Only if you think that words and sentence structure are not memes.
>I do.

Now, let's see our view of hebrew. It's just a set of letter-numbers
without space, without vowels. Oh dear, how do you know where each word
starts and ends ?

Maybe as time passes, you have many more words produced in your environment,
and you'll find them by changing your interpretation of the space symbol
in the set of letter-numbers.

Hence the equidistant letter sequences. Duh !

123456789 gibberish

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 aha, makes more sense (there's X++ in there with x0=1).

123 456 789 aha, another structure (there's multiplication by 3).

Methinks the bible is just a set of whole numbers like this :

123456789101112 etc...

like TIME in our universe.

Trouble is at what quantified (quantum) level are we looking at time ?

Makes sense to me, the UNI-verse as just this : from {} come
0123456789-> essentially infinite |N.

Everything seems to be like this, doesn't it ?

One verb makes all ?

One starting object, with one rule.

O1 and R1.

R1 decompresses O1 into O2, O2 decompresses R1 into R2,
R2 decompresses 02 into O3, etc...

a symbiotic relationship between objects and rules of expansion.

Do that in reverse and you have the most optimized compression technique.

What is this : 3141592653 ?

Answer : ip dedoc a

How many of you view this as an iterated number ?

Can anyone find me an equation of the type Xi=F(Xi-1) with X0 = 3 to
describe it ? Thanks.

Oh and remember to put it a dot somewhere to get our value pi in base 10
as well.

Move the dot right till you cannot and you get a large whole number.

What's real and what's unreal ?

What's unreal is real. Just change your interpretation of the stuff.

Moving the dot right one place is x10 ? In one system yep, it is !