Re: virus: Words and sentence structure

tom.holz (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 22:23:40 -0400

>> on a tangent, has anyone heard of J. G. Wolfe?
>Both a) and b)

ok, but give me a few days, as I'm co-oping at NASA (really I do my html
design, but shh! and check out to see what
its going to turn into--now that I think about it, I need a section on

On second thought... don't give me a few days. Hound me incessantly.
While I may not always be a self-self-starter, I find I like to put my self
in a position where I am motivated by external forces. Same thing, right?

[1] This is a large victory for the memetic memeset inside me (as I
percieve being transmitted by Dave Pape [2]) as until this very moment, it
never occured to put a meme section).

[2] AHA!!!!! now I get the jokes about people getting other people on the
list pregnant (from several months back). Talk about waiting a for the
punchline... boy, do feel an entriguing, yet enjoyable combination of
exctasy and sillyness.

feeling less fuzzy, and a bit bolder, though I did eat half a pack of
Mentos a few minutes ago watching Voyager with the fam 'n friends, and I
have that Genetic programming rabbit bowling ball metaphor in my head,
so... It's the chemicals.

boingy boingy boingy,

"people of music, people of rythm, people of chemistry"
-2 bad mice