Re: virus: Meme Transmission Rate Experiment

tom.holz (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 22:23:38 -0400

>>A couple of my friends were thinking of using stuff like searchbots and
>>numbers of search-engine hits (getting stats out of things like AltaVista)
>>to track spread of ideas... but I can't see AT ALL how /that/ would work,
>>cos I've got no idea how they were going to go about getting the stats.
>It should be reasonably easy to track a catch phrase (if it is sufficiently
>long and rare) propagating through Usenet using the search engine at

for a classic example.. check the rise and fall of the term 'spooge' which,
if I might recall, came (as it were) and went with the release of Qtest and
Quake 1.01. At it's height, I recall long icky posts involving buckets...