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Ken Pantheists wrote:
> > (really this question boils down to an issue like: would Jesus have
> > been in favour of a "Christian Institution"?)
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> Well, he's reported to have said,
> "Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar's and unto God those
> things that are God's"

Eric Wrote:

Is this a "yes" or a "no"? (or a "mu"?)

It's a no. But it is also my interpretation. Someone else could use the
same phrase to justify a rigidly structured religious intstitution.

Eric: I don't see how this answers
the question. My question again, in new words. Is a "Church" (and the
orginization that goes with it) part of what God would have wanted us to
do? I'm not asking about the propagation of His word, because He
obviously wants that. I'm asking about the way it is done now. Jesus
himself travelled from town to town, and so did his disciples. Should
we not model the system after Him?

Me: I feel there are as many answers to your question as there are
churches. Compare the monarchial organization of the Catholic Church
(pope=caesar?) to the Quakers, for example. The Quakers have no priests,
they simply read and interpret the bible as a fellowship of devotees.

I guess the only good answer to your question is God would want all
christians to do what works-- to develop and propogate good memes.
(which isn't really an answer, is it?) ;-)

Another way of approaching your question might be to look at one aspect
of what holds a church together. I find that different denominations use
scripture and ceremony differently to do the same thing-- spread the
word(s) of Jesus. We could narrow the focus of your question and make it
about guilt.

Would God want us to feel guilty all the time?

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