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Fri, 06 Jun 1997 14:13:11 +0000

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>The New York Review of books has just published a book review by
>Stephen Jay Gould critiquing Daniel Dennett's "Darwin's Dangerous
>Idea." In it he says Dennett misrepresented his (Gould's) ideas
>in the book and tried to attribute positions to Gould that he
>never espoused. Then he brings up some excellent criticisms of
>the memetics movement that should probably be addressed by anyone
>who wants to make memetics a science or philosophy that scientists
>will take seriously. You can read or download the article from
> Highly recommended.

Nice I'll check it out.

Gould's genes are scared of a possible takeover.

If need be, we'll try to quantify memes then, anybody wants to do
that ?

How do you appease a scientist ? Show him equations, make
predictions, observe, etc... Be a good scientist.
Have an open mind.

They must therefore be viewing it all as pseudo-science or proto-science.

Given time, memes will have their science.

Somebody has to quantify it all.

Or else most scientists (the number-crunching kind) will not
believe a word they hear (limited memeset).

It is all linked don't you think ?

Maybe we should go META once more and try to quantify the variation
from one replicator level to another ?

>From genes to phenes (phenotypes) to memes. All linked with time and space ?

Anybody in for that challenge ?