Re: virus: Me

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 01:33:44 -0500

Mike Jay wrote:

> > "Life is the struggle to make the world, /and yourself/, a better place. "
> I have to disagree with this is not designed to be a
> struggle, we make it so. Life is not a struggle to make anything better,
> we make it so.

Studying Zen, are we? So am I... just ssslllooowwwllllyyyy.

> We as humans like to assign importance to our endeavors to retain our "value"
> to the world and maintain our ego pride. Life is a sport--drink it up.

"me me me mememememememememeMEMEMEME" ... meme! (what an interesting
coincidence, eh?)

> (I call your meme and raise you one meme!)

I fold. Life may be a game, but it's not about winning.