Re: virus: RE: Memes and Mind Viruses

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 01:33:37 -0500

Grant Callaghan wrote:

> I would think that those which survive to reporduce are by
> definition the "good" memes. "Good" and "bad" only exist in
> the act of judgement by an observer, not in the thing observed.

hmmm... "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintance"... Robert Persig
talks alot about "Quality", ("good", "bad" etc.) and he eventually
concludes that "good" is neither a property of the object _or_ of the
subject. Instead, he claims that Quality /is the _interaction_between
subject and object/. Good meme's arn't a priori good. Niether is the
"good" just in our heads. The good is a product of how the meme's act
upon us.