Re: virus: RE: What does the replicating?

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 13:23:34 +0200

>tom.holz wrote:

>> wait. I imagine a large bowling ball stuck in a small dip, with a small
>> rabbit chained to it. together they form a creature. The ball is its
>> genes, and the rabbit it's memes. While the ball is slowly rolling, the
>> rabbit can scamper in all 360 degree, testing various paths very rapidly,
>> but it has very little effect on the genetic state of It.

Eric sez :

>You know, I think I like your fuzzy brain. This rabbit and ball analogy
>is brilliant! Small question, though. How does level 3 fit in? Does
>that correspond to multiple rabbits? If so, does that mean they all
>pull in different directions on the ball and thus slow the bioligical
>evolution, or all combine together and thus speed the genetic evolution?

It's like the 360 degrees the earth makes around the Sun and the same the Sun
makes around the Black Hole at the centre of the Universe (picture a Swastika
withan OM sign at the center - the original good Indian sign, not the perverted
use Hitler made of it).

And in a day, the Earth does approximately one degree as well.

Wow, it's that self-similarity meme again !