Re: virus: Re: heaven's gate kooks

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 01:20:49 -0500 wrote:

> No, because the Christians worship Christ, really. God is good, but
> Christ is Lord. He wouldn't have wanted that. He didn't want to be
> worshiped only spread the word of the *one true God*. That's who he wanted
> worshipped.

This has really hit home here with me, what with the local (and
international) "March For Jesus". Here's a nice quotation:

" "As far as we're concerned Jesus has to be the head of everything
because he's the Lord of all creation." Eppel said, referring to the
"Elect Jesus" banner. "So that includes Canada too" "

And you are right, in that Jesus was always pointing away from himself.
Interesting. I'll have to ask my Christian friends about this...