Re: virus: Models

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 00:44:01 -0500

David McFadzean wrote:

> Order exists in the universe, and <order> is a human invention, right?

hmmm. I guess. Permission to take this back later if I decide it ain't

> >hmmm. If you have good reasons, is it not "reasonable" to end your
> >life?
> Yes I can imagine some scenarios (like sacrificing yourself to save your
> children). But we are talking about committing suicide because of loss
> of faith, which is never reasonable as far as I can tell.

Scenario: my faith in Jesus Christ and God is a big part of what brings
meaning to my life. An atheist manages to convince me that God does not
exist. I feel deep pain, "a God shaped hole in my breast". I can't
face "the [new] truth" I reasonably decide that since life is now
nearly meaningless and painful for me, I would be better dead. I put
the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger.

> >Nice. I would tend to shy away from the "institution" part... which is
> >why I also don't like the "Church" part of CoV. Can we change the name
> >to Religion of Virus? RoV
> Did you have a bad experience with an institution as a child :-) But seriously,
> what connotations of "institution" do you have? And why not "church"? Don't
> most churches refer to the congregation, i.e. a group of people?

I guess that just my political left position showing again.
"Institution"... Eeeeugh! And as to Church, that word has always been
linked in my mind to an institution that serves to foster the "Truth"
onto it's members. In that way, I think that any "level 3" religion
rises about the title of "Church". And I earnestly hope CoV is a level
3 religion.