Re: virus: Consciousness

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 19:13:34 -0500

John ''!Boolean'' Williams wrote:

> This is often called the "Fortunate Fall," at least in literary circles.
> The religious conviction for some is that this demonstrates that God gave
> us free will. My mother (also an oddball Christian like me)[1] puts another
> spin on it: she says that the knowledge of good and evil came *after* the
> eating of the fruit. Since Eve knew not what she was doing before eating
> the apple, Mom contends that this was not "A Gift of Free Will" from God,
> but "the imposition of the nessecity of choice."

Holy cow.

I like your family.

the imposition of the necessity of choice

Holy cow.

Very interesting. This is going to affect my entire meme-set. Back in
a week, boys...

> Now; while you chew on that, I'll chew on what you wrote.

Should go see what I wrote today too, just to contrast it.