Re: virus: Incipient Consciousness: discipline vs. freedom as met hods of indoctrination for juvenil

Eric Boyd ()
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 00:09:37 -0500

Robin Faichney wrote:

> >...If you don't attend a
> >Church, you are -- quite literally -- missing out on the most happening
> >social circles.
> >
> >(the biggest Hope[1] that I have for the twenty-first centurary is
> >spelled out above. That humanity will move away from religious (deity)
> >worship and towards more rational, useful, social gatherings on
> >Sundays.)
> You often mention Zen. And Buddhism isn't about deity worship.
> (Though some varieties sometimes do things that might look a
> little like it.) What about Buddhist groups, for social purposes?

Good idea. But I don't think that we have to limit the scope of the
"Church" to /any/ idea. A level 3 Church, if you get my drift. Just a
gathering of people to stimulate meme's and make friends.

The more I look, the more I like the North Texas Church of Freethought.
Very nice. Someday, I'd like to actually visit the building, rather
than just the (very well done) website.