virus: Re: Punishment and reward

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 00:07:58 -0500

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> I would have to say that within the Carrot Man's blob of memetic jello,
> he's operating within "reasonable" parameters of business. Obviously
> within your blob of memetic jello, he's a crook. Depending on which
> jello filter we use, each of us is a God or the Devil.

I'm beginning to like the Jello thing more and more... very nice image.
My question: since it does not seem possible to remove our memetic Jello
blob's, is it possible to find a /clear/, /colourless/ sample of Jello
to work from?

> Hollywood tends to churn out bad but high-grossing movies rather
> than good movies because they realized that people prefer not to
> think.

Is that why all the movies tend to be so dumb? I always wondered about

> Yeah : each of us has to be "true" to his/her own blob of memetic jello.
> The key to being a crook or a killer is to not think of your victims
> as "people". Distance yourself emotionally and you can do wonders with
> the "things" that buy your wares.

Hmmm. I've been thinking about "distancing" too. It's seems to me that
what I (we) have been saying on the CoV mailing list about level three
is just exactly that. Distance yourself from the meme, act above them
rather than at their level. And then it occurs to me that said
distancing is actually quite dangerous. Why not distance yourself from
your moral principles, or your wife, too? I haven't thought of a
solution yet, other than the basic "level 3" solution: it may be a
contradiction to release the "truth" and then grasp your morals and SO,
but who cares about contradictions? Isn't the entire idea to rise above
such little things?

Just not very satisifying to solve the problem with the problem, that's


> I recently saw the movie "The Vanishing". After saving a child from
> drowning, the "bad guy" decided that he needed to prove to himself
> that he could do something equally evil : so he kidnapped a woman
> and buried her alive. At the point of kidnapping her, she was no longer
> a person to him but rather a "subject" as perceived by his particular
> maniacal mental state. It is my belief that that McVeigh asshole worked
> himself into such a mental frenzy that the people he killed were
> merely "subjects" for his particular demonstration against a faceless
> "government" that he so badly wanted to punish. The scary thing is he's
> not the only one with his head in that weirdly coloured blob of jello.
> It is also my belief that he has since shifted memetic gears : if he
> was still true to his original cause he'd raise his fist and say
> "Yeah I did it - take that you federal bastards!". Instead immediately
> after he was caught he probably thought : "What the hell was I thinking?"
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