Re: virus: Original Thoughts

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 02:02:27 -0500

John ''I Take Large Steps'' Williams wrote:

> Too, defining words helps us to focus our thinking; this is why some of us
> bat ideas around here: to check our personal definitions against the
> memespaces of others. Self-checks on these sorts of things are notoriously
> unreliable.

A definition:

Harry Browne so aptly put it: "to draw a sharp line between what IS a
certain thing and what isnt." "The purpose of defining one's terms is
to afford oneself the inestimable benefit of knowing what one
is talking about." (Jan63 - 3)

> >****************************
> >* The One Universal Truth: *
> >* Sometimes, you're wrong. *
> >****************************
> Maybe *you* are. :-)

I look at the statement, and I see contradiction. If the truth is
/universal/, how can it only be sometimes? Doesn't that make it a
relative (only a certain times) Truth? A revised version:

The One Universal Truth:
You're Wrong

Ha! Deconstruct that one!