Re: virus: Original Thoughts

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 19:10:12 -0500

Dear Chitren Nursinghdass,

Having read your post on Orginal Thoughts, I must say that you must not
have read mine. Sure the meme's we have now are possibly evolved from
the meme's in the past. I could argue against that too, but there is an
easier way to prove Orginal Thoughts: My point is that /sometime/ back
there, there /had/ to be orginal memes. Simply because, at some point,
humans /did not/ exist. And thus their meme's did not exist. Since
they exist now, the only logical conclusion is that they were formed
from nothing, thus Orginal Thoughts. What say you?

Chitren Nursinghdass wrote:
> I see it thus : all ideas are potentially contained in more compact
> memes. There are fundamental memes (or math axioms) which can be expanded
> using functions or ways of combinations. From them stem other memes
> or combo-memes

In your language, where do the /axioms/ themselves come from?

> Did Darwin INVENT natural selection or did he bring the knowledge
> of it to our eyes ?

What? This is, of course, a completely different question. If you want
to argue that memes exist before somebody thinks of them, by all means.
Just don't expect anybody to listen. Remember: the meme's orginal
/habitat/ is our minds. Some of them spread outward from there and
into, say, books, but they can only /live/ in minds. They just get
/stored/ in books. It thus stands to reason that before minds means
before meme's.

> A crystal forms from a seed, then grows by addition of elementary
> parts in an orderly fashion with time. With time, the crystalline
> shape is found further from the seed. This is a primitive form
> of replication. A crystal can be shattered.

Once again, in your terms: where does the orginal /seed/ come from?

> Clay->molecules->DNA->memes

hmmm. Are you saying that "General Relativity" was orginally contained
in some clay? If not, what /are/ you saying?