Re: virus: Memetics: our obligations

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 19:10:08 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> The only reason I may come off as noble or peace-loving is through
> conscious attention and conspicuious editing.

Noble, perhaps. Peace-loving, well... I must admit, however, that your
posts have always seemed of very high quality to me. It's something we
should all strive for.

> A good question. If you do choose to de-construct her present world view,
> be prepared to be called "evil" during the chaotic phase. (And understand
> that you may not be around when she comes out of that period and realizes
> it was for her own good. You may never see the benefits of the growing
> she'll do, but you'll take all the blame. Can you accept that?) And make

The blame, yes. It's just that becuase I am so unsure myself, I do not
beleive I could avoid changing /blame/ into /guilt/. And guilt is a
much more ugly beast.

> sure that either you're prepared to ride it out /with/ her or that she
> has someone else(s) that will be there during the reconstruction phase,
> otherwise the next time you see her she maybe wearing black Nikes and an
> armband that reads "Heaven's Gate Away Team".

That's not my fear. She is surrounded by her family, who are all very
hardcore religious fundamentalists. My biggest fear it that I would
break her, only to have them attempt to bring her back. Said attempt
might succeed, at the cost of /everything/. Having lost faith, she
would become a hypocritical Christian only against her will, and that
would be a true horror..

> It's not an easy call. Are you up for a project? Are you willing to
> sacrifice your friendship for her benefit? Are you willing to take on the
> role of Kali (the destroyer) so that she can rebuild?

Sacrifice. My friendship. Benefit. What benefit? She is happy now.
Trapped in a thought prison, yes. But happy.

> Now I
> wait for signs that they /want/ someone to de-construct their worldview,
> that what they have isn't working for them. That they're starting to see
> the holes in their own theories.

This is currently where I sit. I've told Evelyn that anytime she wants
to learn, I'll be her teacher. She doesn't look like she's going to
take me up on it though... (she already has The Truth: what need of

> Then I go in for the kill.

I think this is about right. If I do it, I /do/ it. No pansy-assed