Re: virus: Belief and Knowledge (was: The truth about faith)

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 00:54:24 -0500

John ''I Take Large Steps'' Williams wrote:

> This is the point where I, being a good Christian, am supposed to jump to
> Christianity's defense. But I, being a good Christian, will not, because I
> have many of the same problems with Christianity -- and I know other
> Christians who share this attitude. Together, we believe that Christianity
> can be saved from itself -- Matthew, Mark, and Luke[1] hold the Christian keys
> to make Christianity a religion of free-thought and joyous living. They've
> just been buried on two millenia (think of that! 2,000 years!) of
> authoritarian writing.
> Such is the Crusade I bring *within* Christianity.

I've been thinking a bit about just exactly how *much* influence *one*
man or woman can have... Jesus himself is an obvious example of a man
who drastically influenced the world. Then there is Aristotle. Helen
(of Troy). Newton. Hitler. And the list goes on...

My question is: how many millions of people must live to bring about one
*great* human, such as these? Or, is it, in fact, at all related to the
sheer population of humans on Earth?

And this all comes into this now: how much of an effect (=meaning!!) can
we possibly have? Say we joined forces here, John. How far could we
go? Can we undo *all* 2000 years[2]? Right back to "just" what Jesus
had to say, and none of that "orthodox" shit? The sky is the limit!

Yes, I want[3] the power[4] and the glory;

[1] Matthew, Mark, Luke, [and John] hmmm. Nietzsche also said that
John was the one who perverted Christianity... I'm looking for
reasons... what exactly did John do? Mabye I'll go read his version and
see the differences...

[2] two-THOUSAND *YEARS*. A honkin' amount of time. My mind get's
dizzy just thinking about the change in my own mind in *one* year. In
two thousand years, I'm surprised that *anything* from the past
survives. It's really a testimate to the strenght of the Christian
meme-set that it has survived at all.

[3] Bad. A want.

[4] Bad. Pride. My *fundamental* sin. So I'm imperfect... shoot me!