virus: Belief and knowledge

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 12:40:39 +0000

Wade Wrote:
And you are not alone in supplying to this list a statement barefacedly
absent of substantiating evidence....

Hey Wade, like, lighten up man.

You are really coming off as a bully here. Okay, so you're model of good
academic practice includes the submittal of substantiating evidence. But
there are people from the Humanities on this list as well. And we make
significant contributions. Our model of academia is to provide effective
interpretations of unsubstantive things. (And back them up with other
people's interpretations). This is our way of working our field because
you cannot classify paintings and literature by their weight.

And I am sorry, but when it comes down to interpreting cultural
practices and rituals-- you really are crossing over into our discipline
here. (I hate to sound exclusive) Use of the word mystical in describing
practices, rituals, arts, archetecture, systems of thought and
literature is perfectly acceptible to many accomplished academics. So
back off.

Your assessment of the word as "bullshit" is pure, barefaced opinion.

Ken Pantheists

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