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Tue, 08 Jul 1997 11:50:36 +0000

Brett Wrote:

I thought it was an interesting
aside that original perfection SEEMS to contradict the idea of original
sin--and if you had accepted that at face value then you would be more
to some of my other views on religion and life.

Well, your an interesting person and I don't see any reason why you
shouldn't post your views whether they have acceptable faces or not.

Your perception of a contradiction is interesting. But my idea of
original sin actually supports your view of perfection in archetypes.

Man and Woman once lived in the perfect Garden. But they eventually
partook of the fruit of knowledge. Henceforth they knew the World and
all the imperfection within. Our lives and the hapiness we cull from it
are Shadows of the archetypal Man and Woman in the Garden.

Where are these ideals--which you say we defend--personified?
What is THE IDEAL, the divine image toward which all ideals ideally

I thought you said we defend them, anyway-- I suppose they occupy a
sector of memespace reserved for Ideals. The Optimus quadrant (maybe?)
where we store memes about Heaven, the perfect pancake breakfast and
really great sex.

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