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David wrote;
Personally I can get a great deal out of fiction (in all its forms)
without believing it is true. Are we talking about the same thing?

We've had this conversation before.


Remember way back when we started talking about belief in provisional
realities? We started out on a discussion of Aesthetics, which Wade has
reintroduced with his discussion of propaganda.

A provisional reality (which in it's simplest form is a "what if?"
statement) is (IMHO) a statement of faith (small 'f').

This started to branch off into discussion of narrative which petered
out. I'd like to drag the cat out and kick it around again for a while.

Provisional realities occupy the memespace that Tim identified in his
last post-- a safe zone.

I was arguing, sometimes too stridently perhaps, for a 'pure' form, an
individual form, something unique, unfettered, but with a smile this
clever tool of the state would say-' Ah, and where is this vacuum from
which this art has risen?' I would, in my best
free-state-land-of-the-brave-john-wayne voice reply- 'from no vacuum,
kremlin-kisser (we were well into goodnatured insults by the seventh
shot), but from the verdant fields of freedom, from the untrammeled mind
of the freeman!'

Yours does not stike me as an untrammeled mind. I am assuming that you
have posted this to the virus list topped with heaping scoops of irony.

(A McGoo voice is very apropriate!)

There is no catharsis in propaganda. There is submission. (When it's
its job, that is.)

Good point, but any good propaganda is constructed well, that is,
following the Aristotelean rules, so there actually is a catharsis, but
in the end, when the will of the gods in made manifest in the world and
the old world is scorched away for the new-- the new world supports the
ideologies of the sponsoring entity.

But that is Aesthetics.... Ain't it? That's what it was called when I
studied it....

Yup. But I still hold that there is a place for it on this list....
Memesthetics? Aesthmemics?

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