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1) Sympathetic "vibrations" sound like sympathetic magic.

Wow.... you guys really are out on a witch hunt. I just explained it to
you in technichal terms from the viewpoint of a practitioner. This is
like me telling you how to jump and your response being "this sounds an
awful lot like flying to me".

A sympathetic vibration occures in your ear when you hear a sound.

If you hold a tuning fork near another tuning fork, but strike only one,
the other will vibrate also.

If you put that tuning fork on a table, the table will absord the
vibrations. The table needs to vibrate at a frequence with a very long
wavelength in order actually make sound.

Here's an experiment. Find a person and sit back to back ith your backs
touching. One person laughs, sings, talks, hums.... and the othe person
will not only hear them, but feet the vibrations of their partners chest
resonators in their back.

2) Human beings have quite a wide range of morphology. I find it hard
believe that Michael Jordon and Dr. Ruth are both efficient receptors
the same "body harmonics".

Then you would find it hard to believe that they are both efficient
receptors for "A minor" played on a piano keyboard. Or that only a few
people who are exactly like you get that "chest rumble" when standing in
front of a night club speaker. And please don't jam my words together in
quotation marks. I never put the words body and harmonics together. You
are trying to make me look like a fruitcake. The proper term is Vocal

If they are not then you can wave your hands
and say: "well, results may vary! You just don't have the same body
cavities as the monks do." I don't doubt the plausibility of such
statements, but that places "Gyoto monks" outside of intersubjective
discourse until we find a way to translate the harmonics into everyones
"body langauge".

Reed, your really being an annoying jerk ;-)

That's right... I forgot that Asians have two thoraxic cavities and
nineteeen lamboidal sutures

Sit in a room where this kind of chanting is don, or come over to my
house and listen to me mess around with a cultural form I know little
about, and you will hear what I'm talking about. This is a ridiculous
arguement to be having over the internet.

I *have* translated it into my body (As limited as it is). And let me
tell you. After five minutes of having High Pitched sound (My students
say it is like a metal chime) sounding through my skull, I come out with
a buzz like you wouldn't believe. My vision is a little different too.
You know how your eyes see yellow in everything after you exert
yourself, or run?

I am a professional Voice guy. Would you say to a singer that she can't
hit C above without listening to her?

[God, I can see it now: Step right up ladies and gentlemen and get a
personal "body harmonic tuning!".

<snip stupid and insensitive satire of a culture in exile and a block of
evil humour at my expense>

You've really toasted me Reed. Translate this: :-p

So, Stephen is right:

There are true realms of knowing outside of science.

That wasn't the intention of my poast, neither was it my point.

My point-- to reiterate. Is that the use of the word mystical or
non-physical in the description of art-- as in the program notes of a
concert-- are not bogus. They are a description of "genre" for lack of a
more easily translated term. It describes the lineage of the art, not
"where you're supposed to go when you see it". Gawd!!

BTW reed-- Have you suddenly transormed into Bart Simpson or something??
I didn't notice your comment on the Gyoto Monks name (That it's cool
sounding) until I went to include it in my subject header.

You sound like we made it up or something. They are Buddhist monks in
exile.I hope I don't have to describe to you the violence imprisonment
and massacre these people have fled from. Even if you do think they
sound "kinda cool" your remark does sound a little disrespectful and
inappropriate. (But maybe I just have a bug up my ass.)

I'm just glad I'm not a Tibetan in exhile reading this list.

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