virus: Re: gyoto monks ( Kewl dude!)

Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:42:18 +0000

This is a delayed reaction to your post, I have more to say as I read

The point is, Stephen, it is not enough to say
"hey guys, stop dissin' the mystics. They see
stuff that we can't." You have to translate
it into the common intersubjective language
so that it makes sense. Until you can prove
it to us IN OUR OWN LANGUAGE we have
no reason to suspect it is real.

Well, Reed. You should pay more attention to what you read. That wasn't
what I said at all. You're crossing into a territory of culture in
context. Artistic texts as segments of a cultural narrative. You are a
level three scientist, but you are a level two art critic.

(That's okay since I am a level one scientist--- "fire HOT, stars,

I JUST PUT IT into an intersubjective language. You haven't heard it
because of your filters. Go back and read my post again but this time
imagine another voice other than the california hippy voice you imagined
when you read it the first time.

Now, I do a lot of searching on my own.
There is a lot of knowledge out there. I want
some gaurantees, up front, that the knowledges
you are peddling are tools I can use. I have
the fortune of being connected to science, the
media, the goverment..etc.

Now, if you were my student I would slam you so hard, you'd be working
double time just to catch up on the basic monologue work.

It's nobody's responsibility to hand you a guarantee of anything.
Princessy behaviour like that really makes for sad, ugly derivitive
work. (And people like that usually end up working alone anyway)

You are so connected (to science, the government, the media) whoopie
good for you. The conversation is about a physical discipline. Which has
to do with connection tou YOUR OWN PROCESS.... connect to that. Do you
study High Jump by watching videotapes!!!???

If you think these "mystical ways of knowing"
are worth pursuing then talk to my people. ... We'll get back to you.

Gee. I wish I had people. But since I'm just a puny individual who has
to appeal to a whole group of people now... hmmm.... I risk offending
Reed AND his people...... yikes. I'd better remap my thinking on this
and dump 11 years of professional experience as a voice coach and
performer. Heck there's a whole crowd who could disagree with me.

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