Re: virus: Belief and Knowledge

Peter Charlot (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 12:32:14 -1000

ERiC wrote:
>I think linear memes *are possible. Faith (that is *blind* faith) is a
>linear meme. No matter what other meme's come to play, the original
>meme is left unchanged. Therefore predictable. Linear.
Actually all memes are linear (some more than others), for the simple fact that
they limit possibility. The system that they operate in, though, is
non-linear (chaos) and so allows for unlimited memes.

>But freedom is about *freedom* to *choose* any thing you like. Meme
>space modifying on the fly, because you are *not* bound to any idea. As
>I see it, level 3 (and the book has arrived!) and freedom of memes are
>nearly the same thing.
The trick is not to choose anything. I can't do it, of course. Yet I'm
with the possibility. Levels of meme manipulation may be exciting,
but they don't change the essentials. One still is still slave to the meme,
however quickly one can switch from one to another.

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