Re: virus: The game of life

Peter Charlot (
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 12:32:23 -1000

David McFadzean wrote:

>The game of market share, the game of international diplomacy,
>the game of passing your genes on, the game of office politics,
>the game of eat or be eaten, the game of exploration and discovery,
>the competition for funding and/or approval,
>the game of east vs. west, the haves vs. the havenots,
>philosophical games (Dennett vs. Gould, Searle vs. Chalmers),
>mailing list games...

I agree that our memes must compete with one another (games). I believe they do
this our of necessity. Unless they interact within and without the brain,
they will
become extinct. Interaction maintains their existence. It doesn't really
whether a particular "round " (post in our case) wins, loses, or is ignored,
the bottom
line is, the memes get maintained. Think of all the ones that don't get to
play. We
can't, because then they would be in play. Interaction is the memes food. It
constant redefining in order to thrive. In another post you imply that death
is the
only way out of this. You may be right, I certainly don't know anything
else. But,
I'm looking into the possibility that some folks have found legitimate
Cutting through the mumbo-jumbo, these folks stop the games by removing the
that all memes thrive on. No polarity, no memes. No polarity in memes is the
equivalent of the number zero. If this verbal-integer exists, then
these meme-cycles can be stopped or at least channeled. This is not a spiritual
belief. It is a simple possiblity. The Romans didn't have the number zero,
the West
had to wait until it was introduced from Arabia.




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