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Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 13:49:18 +0000

Well, I can see I just blew my chances at winning a popularity contest
on this list.

I have been told in private e-mail that I'm a pretentious Fuck.

So here I stand. Humiliated and apologetic.

I am truly sorry if I have resorted to pretentious behaviour on this
list. But my fervor in responding to this issue has been around one and
only one thing. I am not going to take responsibility for memes that I
did not post. My opinions have been riddled on the basis that they just
don't "sound right" when in fact, as some know... and thank you Ken for
coming to my defense on this... that it *was* a scientific explaination
of the processes of harmonic accoustics.

Yes-- harmonic accoustics are best conducted through materials that are

water to water
wood to wood
metal to metal
air molecule to air molecule
bone tissue to bone tissue

a sound wave can be:
reflected-- off a stone wall
absorbed-- by a cloth curtain
conducted-- along a taut string into a tin can
Through the air molecules into your body like a sub woofer.

That's it. Please don't ask me to defend this because it sounds like
telekinesis to some. And this has no bearing on my ignorance or
preferance to musical styles or tastes. Mahler's great, violins are
great. I have no truck with them. My only evidence that the monks do
this is that I saw them do it, I've studied the discipline a bit and I
can do it a little bit too. It's not mystical, but it is a form used in
mysticism and the expression of the "mystical". There's my evidence.

What annoyed me was that as the thread advanced the accusations get more
and more personal-- some words and ideas were attributed to me, that I
just didn't say. Which I probably have accelerated. (As I don't use
smiley faces)

Well the absense of smiley cuts both ways I guess.

Reed: I never actually was ill-tempered. ever... I was smiling the whole
time I was typing. :) - see! I said some evil things and I played
dirty, but I still think you are a genius. :) :) :) I like a good
wrestling match-- and I'm not being effusive. Your a very clever guy and
the reason why I started re posting is because of your recent work on
the list. I must refrain expletives used for effect. (Gawd!)

In response to a private accusation of claiming superior knowledge:

After giving *the best* scientific description I can muster up, the last
recourse is to say simply. Hey-- I *know* this to be a fact and here is
why. My only evidence is my experience....

I was heavy handed in referring to Reed in terms of "if you were my
student.... " And for that I apologize. It was a direspectful move and
didn't help the conversation. And I *did* stick my tongue out at him
:-p. I'm sorry. I got too hyper.

No more on harmonics. PLEASE. Believe what you want on them. Laugh
yourselves silly. I'm sorry if I have beleagered this list with
personal experiences instead of academic truth. It is a rare and
not-often-studied form of vocal work. It doesn't come up often at the
bus stop or in the lunch room. So I got over zealous.

And I took my role as ney-sayer far too seriously.

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