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Well, no- I am the originator of the following, Eric....

However, I can understand the lumping together of the Harvard boys by all
youse Seattle dudes.... ;-)

And thanx for the last bit- I have never read any Neitszche.

>Reed Konsler [sic] wrote:
>> Usually, the very fact that after a particularly bad set of behaviors,
>> murder even, huh?, there _was_ no vengeful diety raining acid upon the
>> perpetrator, leads the scumbag to murder again. (Or at any rate,
>> convinces him such tales were tommyrot. Hopefully the skeptical among us
>> were not convinced in such ways....)
>This is one of the reasons why I think we need to move away from deity
>related "might makes right" arguments. Since the deity does not
>actually do anything here *in*this*world*, His OMNIPOENTENT powers have
>stopped scaring people. We've had to rely on our human courts and
>justice anyway, so why not just do away with the whole idea of divinly
>inspiried good?
>> So promoting the myth of a diety is no choice either. Although it works
>> for awhile, especially in societies wherein the priest class has a lot of
>> power.... (It works in the Mafia, and Country Clubs, for a similar
>> reason.)
>Nietzsche mused that the entire idea of a deity was just a power grab by
>the priest class. It explains many things in the Bible. All those
>"eternal covanences" given to Aaron and his sons make a lot more sense
>if *Aaron* and his sons wrote the Bible. All those stories about God
>raining fire down on people don't wash well with an "omnibenevolent"
>God, but they go over just fine if you are Aaron (or Moses) and wish to
>use a call to "ultimate" force/punishment to make people do what you

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