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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 11:49:14 +0000

Since reed and I have agreed to be civil with each other in private
e-mail. I have renewed my energy in this.

I am near the point of fed-upness with it so I am attempting to bridge
it into our "obligations" thread.

We've covered a lot in my private message. (It was far to long for the
list.) So I'll try to answer to what is current.

How do you know what experince another has?

For once I am the rationalist and you are the sensationalist. I wasn't
referring to someone's subjective experience. I was referring to the
actual *real* measurable sound waves. They are different that's why they
sound different. Someone can say they get the same effect from listening
to nine inch nails, but my post was explaining how the sound waves are
created. And Yes, they are different sound waves. They interact with
your ears and your body in different ways. What your memes do with the
sound is not part of the conversation. (It never has and I'm sorry if I
said something to make you think it was.)

Is that sound different, in it's structure and process, than speach,
the tuning fork, or drums? It's all vibrations.
Yes they are different. But if you are going to go up a few directories
and say that we are distinguishing vibrations from, I guess,, non-
vibrations. Then of course, they are all exactly the same. Just as all
paintings are just reflected light.

Stephen, the violin in a meme. It is tool designed by people to move
people, not other violins.
I know, but there ar basic Laws of accoustics that say people aren't as
easily "moved" as a glass of water. Emotionally, people can be moved far
more easily than a glass of water.

I disagree that voice is a more effective insturment in
vibrating another human beings body because bodies are of similar shape.
Reed. Once again. I never said that. I used the voilin statement as an
aside, a simple little illustration to prove that sympathetic vibrations
actually exist. Remember that point in the thread when you thought it
was "sympathetic magic?"... You have latched on to this as the crux of
my arguement when it isn't. A magic fingers bed in a cheap motel will
vibrate your body even better than a violin. That's not the reason I
used the illustration.

And sorry, won't take responsibility for caling you a racist. I never
did. Your comment was about how wildly variant our physiognomies are. My
statement was a joke. "Oh yeah, asians have two thoraxic cavities".
Maybe things are a little different in America. But I feel quite
comfortable using the word "asian" without being called a racist. Since
my position was, "no-- we all have *very similar* bodies".

I can see how things can get very PC down there in the states. I suppose
I would have been sued by someone if they heard me speak it.

I don't even know what race you are reed. Are you black? asian? what?
(my guess is that you're white.)

You were so full
of yourself, puffing around and "teaching" us all the things us
unenlightened didn't know, calling me a "level 2 art critic".

How else can I get my point across. You keep asking people to teach you.
I AM a very good teacher. When I have a studio class. I go out of my way
to make it Their Experience. Their Exploration. I wouldn't keep getting
good jobs if i wasn't. I lost my patience far more quickly with you, but
a real life student isn't hostile. You were appropriating my language---
the only thing I have to "teach" you with in this medium.

My observation of the levels of expertise DID include my own self
effacement. I AM a level one scientist. Level 2 is an accurate
description of someone who has one model that isn't flexing. That's what
was happening. It's not his problem, of course not. How can you be
against someone for something they don't know??? But I have a right to
defend myself when, after posting (not an opinion, but a real academic
fact) and having it draw sheer silliness like "You get off on the
ecstacy of chanting"... that's pure crap. I explained the principles of
accoustics and accoustic cones by using words like "penetrate" Surround"
and "vibrate" ending with --- and it is indeed impressive.

Wade's a big boy ( and a damn smart scholar)

We can't crumple like a tissue.

When someone says I don't know ...this.... or ... that... I think to
myself... I probably don't.

If I were the type that didn't, I would say, the reason I don't know
that is because I don't believe it and I don't listen to things I don't
believe. (level 2)

Well reed: Congratulations. Your performance stirred your audience to a
near riot. Well done. You had me frothing there for a while. And you
made me see how really cruel I can be when I want to win. Thanks. I
always thought I was a wimp. Now I've embraced my inner bully.

You are the Nijinski of the Virus list.

Oh yeah. :) I hardly ever put these in. Even when I should.

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