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Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:22:05 +0000

I talked awhile back about bringing up kids... about the justification
one should give for "don't do that"... the classic is "becuase it's
*wrong* or *bad*" But that implies an authority to back up the
definition of wrong or bad (government, God, etc.) Good is defined by
the society and the individuals in it.

I think we are well on to another thread here. I just don't know what to
call it. (Let's call it Eric, after it's "father")

Raising kids must be a real trip. I get glimpses of it at times when I'm
visiting friends who are "blessed" with families. I remember being the
only one in the house at a time wehen five year-old Clayton came rushing
into the kitchen in a terrible state of distress. He was watching a
disney cartoon about dinosaurs and a big T.Rex ate one of the

All of a sudden you are made aware of the fact that whatever you say
right now will be remembered for a long time.... (or maybe it won't, but
you hope it will... vanity thy name is parenting instinct)

So I said something like "I know, it's a very sad thing, but it
happens." and I followed him back into the tv room to watch some more of
the show with him.

This is one of the reasons why I think we need to move away from deity
related "might makes right" arguments.

The diety meme has changed and is changing still. It changed from a
punishing force, to a forgiving man, and to many-- just an abstract
force of love. I went to a funeral mass for a friend in an anglican
church on Thurs.

Even though they were still up to the same old prayers and songs. I
spoke and sang along as best as I could. I did it for my friend, who was
evryone's "old uncle charlie" in the parish. And because it would have
meant something to him. But the readings and the homily were all about
Love and acceptance of people. His partner of 32 years, Uncle John, was
acknowledged and consoled and I thought, well, this parish is coming a
long way. I got the inside scoop from two members of the women's league
though. There is a faction in the parish that would have left Uncle
Charlie out to rot in the parking lot.

but they go over just fine if you are Aaron (or Moses) and wish to
use a call to "ultimate" force/punishment to make people do what you

How right you are. So what god do we invent to make people do what we
want?? :-) (or rather, what god do we allow to invent us?)

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