Re: virus: Original meme.

Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 01:51:13 -0500

The question I
>have is what the primary motivational force to what people do. More
>exactly, I mean the original force that created the original memes. (Josh

The Time Chain: Creation-Present

Chance ... freedom ... order... specialization ... life ... the child
...god...possessions object-permanence ...the tribe...medicine art...the
ideal...imagination...the idea... control... mass-production ...standards
...mechanization ...recreation...the unique.

This is the basic structure for a developmental model which includes
psychological, sociological, and philosophical (also, social and physical)
development, "PSC" (Psycho Social Consciousness). It was constructed by
examining the relationships between what is known about these stages of
development and finding not only similarities between disciplines but also
that they are similarly regular and progressive.

To answer the above question: It would seem that the motivational force
behind the original self-organizing, self-replicating cyclic packet of
information (the first meme) is "chance". Which can translate "fair
chance", "equal chances", etc.

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