virus: Original meme.

Josh Logan (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 00:44:20 -0500

I find all of this talk on how people see the world very interesting.
One discussion that I've had with my friends, however, is on the nature
of the original motivation behind the first meme. I initiated this
conversation before I learned of the fact that there was an actual
following to memes and similar thought patterns.

My friends and I came to the conclusion that everything is based on the
urge for sex. Or, more importantly, the urge to propagate the
species(or your own part of it). I managed to destroy our hours of
conversation by introducing an idea I encountered in the Illuminatus!
trilogy, the law of fives(and it's peculiar properties). The idea was
that you could find evidence to support any claim if you look hard

Having defeated the group by the fact that we had worked so hard to find
evidence, we were left not knowing what was true at all. The question I
have is what the primary motivational force to what people do. More
exactly, I mean the original force that created the original memes.

Josh Logan