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Josh Logan wrote:

> I think I'm trying to define what causes instinct. Is it a chemical
> relationship where you feel good when you do what instinct says. Or, is
> it hardwired into the mind/body. Excuse my lack of proper terms.

What do you mean by hardwired? The neuronal pathways in the brain and
nervous system (I assume you are referring to the nervous system when
you say hardwired) rely heavily on neurotransmitters to operate properly
and these are chemicals. In fact, it is these same neurotransmitters
that drugs mimic or interfere with as the case may be and cause the
'feel good' of chemically induced highs. The distinction between
chemical and hardwired is a difficult one to make. If you mean: Is an
instinct a particular organization of neuronal pathways in the brain or
nervous system that bring about the desired behavior OR are instincts
part of the endocrine system where you have specific hormones that are
associated with each behavior? I would say instincts involve both with a
heavier emphasis on the organization of the nervous system but like I
said the hardwired/chemical distinction is a difficult one to make. In
fact from what I understand, researchers are learning more and more
about how closely related the nervous system and other more 'chemical'
systems like the endocrine system or immune system are even as we speak
which is giving us insight on why, for example, laughing and positive
thinking can help people who are sick.


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