Re: virus: Original meme.

Drakir (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 12:04:07 +0100

Josh Logan wrote:

> My friends and I came to the conclusion that everything is based on the
> urge for sex.

Surely that's just one of several urges that humans have, which may be a
contributing factor. For example, the urge to eat, or the urge to
drink, both of which are particularly compelling.

> I managed to destroy our hours of
> conversation by introducing an idea I encountered in the Illuminatus!
> trilogy, the law of fives(and it's peculiar properties). The idea was
> that you could find evidence to support any claim if you look hard
> enough.

The problem with that is that if you're wrong, then it means that the
evidence has some far far deeper meaning that purely to prove your

> Having defeated the group by the fact that we had worked so hard to find
> evidence, we were left not knowing what was true at all.

But if you have a known untruth, and then find evidence to support it,
the evidence is lying. But evidence cannot lie, which means you're not
looking at its implications at the right level.

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