Re: virus: Reason and Intuition

Eric Boyd (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 22:21:22 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> This is a line of reasoning that is shaky at best, but I'll offer it
> anyway:
> Is it possible that the ability to /choose/ to go outside of reason
> (notable in humans) is an adaptive trait?

Adaptave to what?

What possible evolutionary purpose could going *outside* of reason have?
(and this will trigger a big /functional/ war over "faith")

Some suggestions:
1) is it possible that we humans *need* to abandon reason sometimes; to
aviod existentalism and related overly rationalized world-views and
their horror.

2) Since reason cannot establish values. (that is, it is *reasonalble*
to kill anyone who gets to much in the way), we must actually release
our hold on reason in order to establish a "good" from which to act.

3) Irrationalism is *fun*!! :-) That's what drugs and alcohol are all
about, right?