Re: virus: Something Remains Missing

Eric Boyd (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 18:16:39 -0500

Michelle Lee Gendvil wrote:

> Why do I feel like I am being ganged up on here? Are you boys trying to
> hurt my little girl feelings? Damn, a girl has to be tough on this list.

It's tough being out numbered, eh? One really interesting thing I
discovered at Queens was the male/female ratios. In Engineering, the
deal was about 25% women, but over the whole university, women beat men
60% to 40%. Lots of interesting social things go on... all the male
engineers[3] want the "smart" engineering women[2], and so it wan't
unusal to see each of them with three or four guys. And then there's
all these other women out there with only women to hang out with...
strange world!

Still, it must be nice to be an "eng. girl"...

> Good thing I got past the "sensitive, be nice to me 'cause I'm a girl"
> meme stage. But I admit, being a woman in a "man's world" does have its
> benefits. Sure, a woman's feelings can be hurt, but a woman can
> methodically disarm the male ego and right when he is most
> vulnerable, go in for the kill. Nothing personal
> [Eric][1], that last sentence is in honor of Tim. He's ruthless.

I'd like to see that method work over the net... you really think it's
possible to "disarm" us with mere words? I'm all for the attempt. I
don't think it'll succeed, though. After all, we have no way of even
knowing that you arn't a man using a womans name!


[1] She did mean me. And I wasn't insulted, Michelle. On the
countrary, it's kinda nice to be mistaken for someone who goes to

[2] question: are eng. girl's really more intelligent? I doubt it. I
don't think I'm more intelligent than other people. Like me, they
probably just worked a little harder, and have an interest in
engineering instead of some "artsci" degree. But then again, maybe
not... have I objectified women enough yet?

[3] We're big, we're purple, we're Big Purple Geeks!