Re: virus: Something remains missing

Michelle Lee Gendvil (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:08:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Tim Rhodes wrote:

> With the nod of a head and a wave of my hand, I summon the forces of the
> universe to do my will and I make 35 cents more on the dollar in my
> paycheck than you, on average. Such is the majesty and power of the
> almighty Male, hallowed be their names!
> This reminds me of something I heard on a comedy show last night,
(paraphrase), "men make more money then women because they need the extra
money to take women on dates." Perhaps that is the
rationalization behind the meme "the man must ask the woman out and he
must pay for everything on the date" meme (seems a little presumptuous to
> Ha Ha! Wow, the power of words, huh? I made one comment defending
> homosexuals a while back, and several people assumed I was gay. Now, I
> challenge you in an effort make you earn my respect (which is not given
> easily, but which you nevertheless now have in abundance), and now I'm
> seen as some slobbering frat dude! Interesting.

> Well, we all must fit
into some very obvious stereotype, right? Otherwise, how would people
relate to one another? (Do I have to point out the sarcasm, I know you are
smarter than that Tim, but its amazing how many people aren't)

> I have your respect? How the heck did I manage that? Aren't you some
kind of high ranking official? *Do tell* why you are graced with the title
"Professor". That shows an element of studliness right there.

> I am happy to know we are on "good terms", although I think the previous
terms were pretty good in their own right. I would like to recommend a
movie (this is my offering to you as a symbol of mutual
respect) called, _LIVE NUDE GIRLS_ (got your attention, didn't I?). I
was watching cable at a
friend's house last night (which is a rare occurance because I have been
exceedingly disgusted with cable programming in the past) and I do not
know why, call it womanly instinct, but we were drawn to this movie. If
you get the chance to ever see this, and if I have enough of an influence
on you or anybody to see this *THEN* do me and yourself a favor. Watch it
all the way through no matter how bad it seems. I promise there is a
point. That's all I'm going to say. I am asking you to take
on a large responsibility as representative of the male perspective.
I could ask one of my fellow classmates. For some reason I don't think
they'd get it.

I must have missed the questionings of your sexuality.
So far, I have not sensed any homosexual vibes, not that there is
anything wrong with *that* (sorry, flashback of Seinfeld -note- I have
this problem with thinking that others understand my contextualized
sense of humor. I'm assuming you are smarter than *them*. End of
I have to admit I am curious how *that* idea arose.